About the Collective

Point B Collective is an attempt to figure things out. It’s an attempt to reach that elusive “point B” in life, to understand what that even looks like. And, it’s an attempt to appreciate everything that happens along the way.

Every month we pick a theme, we each write about it, and then we come together over a meal to workshop. When they’re ready, we put the pieces here for all the world to see. Yeah, it’s a little scary, but if just one person enjoys one thing on this site, it’s worth it.

Check out the original inspiration behind our name.

Want to get in touch with us? You could try smoke signals—or we do love postcards. (Okay, I guess you can just send an email to pointBcollective@gmail.com).

Who We Are

We’re a group of young women—graduates or soon-to-be—who are all getting ready to move to a new point in our lives. Our love of writing and desire to do it more brought us together.

Katherine Hekker
Katherine Hekker

Katherine makes the best snickerdoodle cookies on the planet. She has a stellar sense of direction, which she frequently uses to explore DC’s trail network in her Saucony’s and sometimes uses to explore South America in her pink Timberlands. You may remember her as the namesake of Fieldstone Secondary School’s 2004 production of Annie, Get Your Gun. Katherine’s academic pursuits in American University’s math department revolve around her love of abstract algebra and the Intermediate Value Theorem, but she never could shake her love of writing creative nonfiction. She is also a self-described Customer Service Wonk.

Crystal West


Crystal is a graduate with degrees in Public Communication and Psychology. She loves studying workplace culture, but you don’t care about that. This girl mostly re-watches old TV shows, listens to Spotify, and wears flannels in her spare time. Someone once told me she could lift a car but I don’t believe it. Her heroes are Maxwell House and felt tip pens. Her vices are Kanye West and rigatoni. Crystal’s greatest fear is fame, and her life goal is to ride an elephant. She’s honored to be apart of Point B and respects the hell out of the brilliant women in this collective.

Claire Rychlewski

Claire Rychlewski

Claire is a recent graduate of American University with degrees in Journalism and French. She’s putting her hard work to use at a construction journal where she talks to people from the Southeast coast about building permits. Claire appreciates body and sex positivity, feminist collectives, men who wear their hair in buns, and watching old movies with her Dad. She’s not into talking to dudes at bars, Seth McFarlane, wearing glasses and having to go to work when it’s raining out. Claire is obsessed with everyone in Point B and is honored to be able to do this project with all of these great adventurers and writers.

Erin Greenawald

Erin Greenawald

During the day, Erin is living the post-grad dream working a job she loves as an Editor at The Daily Muse and preparing herself for battle (er, a move to NYC). At night she dawns her cape apron and attempts to save the world her sanity through cooking. Erin understands that people expect more of you when you have naturally curly hair, and when she’s not hunched over her computer or adventuring with friends, you can probably find her in downward facing dog. She sometimes pretends to be a writer, but mostly just spends a lot of time making sure the website keeps looking pretty. Erin is terrified of fiction and poetry, which means she’s probably going to be writing a lot of it (potentially poorly) for this project. Thankfully, the wonderful ladies of the collective are good at putting up with that and helping Erin grow into the creative writer she wants to be. You can keep up with her on Twitter @erinaceously.


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